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The Factory

In 2005 Akrilika purchased the solid surface production factory in the Chinese province of Guangzhou as the combination of economic, climatic and industrial factors in the region allows to produce qualitative and competitive products.

  • The climate in Hong-Kong-Guangzhou region is ideal for different solid surface production cycles. The South-East China is the region of high humidity and high average annual temperatures. Thank to these factors a number of world solid surface producers (such as DuPont) also placed their enterprises here.
  • Cheap electric power rates in the PRC is an important factor for the energy-intensive manufacturing process.
  • Save on general expenses of production.
  • Favorable tax policy in the PRC.
  • Hong-Kong-Guangzhou is one the world’s biggest traffic centers
  • One of the most advanced world acrylic copolymers productions is located here.

Akrilika solid surface is a combination of invariably high quality and accessible price

At the end of 2014 the main Akrilika factory was fitted with the newest Austrian equipment. The innovative product line allows to produce solid surface materials, complying with strict international standards. A distinctive feature of the new equipment is the highest level of automation, allowing to minimize any production errors and get invariably high quality of products.

Akrilika products are widely used in building, furniture and countertops fabrication, healthcare, food service, retail, hospitality as well as in transport, indoor and outdoor decoration and sports facilities construction.

The range of products that Akrilika supply the market, include solid surface (under Akrilika Stone, Design, Kristall and Apietra brands), translucent decorative panels Akrilika DECO, readymade sinks and basins, wall-cladding and many more.

Akrilika Poland

Akrilika has launched a representative office in Wroclaw, Poland, intended to serve different European markets.

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