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Legal Notice

Conditions of using the Website (hereinafter “Conditions”)

Present Conditions cover the rules of using Akrilika Holding Website (hereinafter – “Holding” and “Site”) by all the site population.

The Site is owned and controlled by the Holding completely. You agree to follow the provisions thereinafter in the present Conditions when using the Site’s contents, including its text, images, descriptions of products, drawings, designs, program files, audio and video materials (hereinafter – “materials”), posted by the Holding. If you do not agree with the Conditions you should not use the Site and download the Site’s Materials.

Right of Property to the Materials

The present Site and its Materials are owned by the Holding and protected by law of copyright. You may not spread, modify, publish or use any Materials, completely or partially, without any prior written consent of the Holding, apart from the materials which can be downloaded by you for non-commercial or personal purposes on condition that you should keep harmless all notice of copyright and other rights of property.

Information on trademarks

«AKRILIKA» and «AKRILIKA STONE» logotypes are trademarks of Akrilika Holding registered on the territory of Russia and other countries. Akrilika Holding, its allied companies, its branches and representatives own many other registered trademarks and logotypes (hereinafter – “Logo”). All questions regarding Akrilika Holding Logo should be directed to the company via e-mail.

Nothing contained in the Site may be considered delegation, direct or indirect, challenge, permission or right for using the Holding’s Logo, posted in the Site, without written consent of the Holding. Absence of any product name of the Holding or its Logo in any part of the text of the present Site does not imply resigning the right for the Logo or resigning any other rights for intellectual property regarding the name of such a product of the Holding and its Logo. All other products and trademarks, registered or unregistered, are owned by their possessors, and they own the rights for intellectual property with regard to these products.

Third Parties’ Companies and Products

Reference to products, companies and websites of third parties in the present Site is only for information purposes and does not provide any support or recommendation to any third parties. The Holding does not make any statements regarding quality, safety and validity of the products of the third parties. All the products of the third parties should be ordered directly from the agents, authorized by any such third parties, and transfer of authority or warranty if applicable is subject to agreement between you and such third parties. Third parties Website links are posted only for convenience. The Holding does not control the contents of any other websites and does not announce the contents of such websites. Using such links you will leave the present Site. The Holding does not support and is not responsible for the contents, information, products, posted in the websites of other third parties.

The Site Links

For posting any Holding Site links in your website you should review and agree with the following provisions:

The link to the present Site can be posted solely with the consent of the Holding. It is prohibited to copy the present Site.

You may not advise that the Holding accepts the links you post in the Site.

You may not advise the information regarding relationships with the Holding which do not reflect the reality.

It is excluded to post untrue information on products and services of the Holding and its partners in your own websites. Any information on products and services of the Holding and its partners can be posted only with the written consent of the Holding.

You may be allowed to post the Holding Site link in your website only if the latter does not contain incompetent, unpleasant, offensive or contradictory materials and it responds to all age categories. You should obtain written consent of the Holding for posting links to the Site.

Illegal Use

It is prohibited to use the present Site for the following purposes:

(a) discrediting, dishonoring and slandering the Holding and any third parties;

(b) offending the Holding’s and any other third parties’ property rights ;

(c) inflicting any damage on or raise obstacles to the Holding’s or any third parties’ performance;

(d) violating public order and proprieties;

(e) committing a crime;

(f) downloading any files containing or probably containing computer viruses, damaged files, which are able to harm the operational functions of the Site or the computers of the third parties;

(g) violating the rules of the applicable law and the established order of using the Site;

Legal Matter

Except as otherwise provided in the Site’s text, the Sites Materials are posted only for the purpose of presentation of the Holding products and providing support to users of the Holding’s products in the CIS.

Akrilika Poland

Akrilika has launched a representative office in Wroclaw, Poland, intended to serve different European markets.

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