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AQ Stone in Countertops and Architectural Surfaces Magazine

The article on distinctive features of the new product was published in Countertops and Architectural Surfaces magazine issued by ISFA (International Surface Fabricators Association). The article highlights main characteristics of the AQ Stone collection, such as durability, resistance to stains, scratches, chemicals etc.

"The series include seven colors offering aesthetics similar to exotic marble: Formentera Dusk, Ostuni Daylight, Karon Sand, Palatino Dark, Dominion Bronze, Calacatta Gold and Calacatta Silver. The last two (Calacatta Gold and Calacatta Silver) embody the beauty of Italian marble with wide veining, flowing through each design", - the article states. - These designs will add a distinctive look to any residential or commercial interior".

All AQ Stone products are distinguished by a dynamic combination of natural beauty and excellent performance as demanded by our most discerning customers. AQ Stone production lines are fitted with state-of-the art equipment and technologies. Special attention is paid to ecological safety and high quality production standards, meeting and surpassing international norms and requirements.

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AQ Stone Premiere

In Nov. 2015 Akrilika introduced AQ Stone™ - а new line of quartz surfacing material that feature a marble-like aesthetics and a vast veining flowing through each design.

Our new products feature a dynamic combination of natural beauty and excellent performance as demanded by our most discerning users.

AQ Stone production lines are fitted with state-of-the-art production equipment. Special attention has been paid to ecological safety and high quality production standards, meeting and surpassing international norms and requirements.

The series includes eight colors offering a natural aesthetics similar to that of exotic marble: Classic White, Formentera Dusk, Ostuni Daylight, Karon Sand, Palatino Dark, Dominion Bronze, Calacatta Gold and Calacatta Silver. The last two deserve a special mention as they embody the exquisite beauty of Italian marble with wide veining and luxurious look of natural stone.

Both Calacatta Silver and Calacatta Gold combine the look and beauty of luxurious natural marble with excellent performance and ease of care that marks the AQ Stone surfaces.

AQ Stone™ demonstrates extraordinary durability, nonporous structure, scratch-, stain- and heat resistance and is suitable for any indoor application.

AQ Stone™ comes with a 15-year limited warranty for both residential and commercial interiors.

Download AQ Stone Catalogue

AQ Stone Sales Day

The results of the international exhibition "Furniture 2015"

In November 2015 the 27-th International Exhibition "Furniture 2015took place in Moscow bringing together exhibitors from 30 countries.

This year Akrilika presented a unique stand created within the concept of "A Magic Future".

The booth was built on the contrast of black and white colors, combined in a single composition. Backlight constructions spectacularly distinguishing different elements of exposure were actively involved in the design of the stand.

During the exhibition our stand was attended by over 5,000 people from different countries: designers, fabricators, the representatives of furniture companies, owners of industries and shops.

Within the exhibition "Furniture 2015" Akrilika presented one of the most awaited novelties in 2016: AQ Stone quartz surface collection.

AQ Stone palette includes 8 shades, in which the beauty of marble is combined with a hardness of natural quartz.

In addition to the main exhibition stand the intense educational program was organized.

Invited to Moscow by Akrilika the word-class professionals in the area of solid surface and quartz fabrication, Chuck Sawyer, Keith Height and Paul Max Le Pera presented the acute topics and relevant industry news.

Summing up the results of the exhibition we should note the high activity of the exhibitors and participants, great interest of Russian customers in solid surface and quartz stone, as well as opportunities for cooperation in professional and educational spheres, opening up before participants of “Furniyure-2015”.

Our company thanks the organizers of the exhibition and all the participants and visitors of our booth.

Akrilika chosen for TV Showcase

A countertop fabricated of Akrilika solid surface plays a starring role in an upcoming episode of “Dachny Otvet” on the NTV channel.

The episode running Nov.22 showcases a country house in Domodedovo during a kitchen makeover. The bright kitchen colored cranberry and mint contains everything needed for cooking. There is a spacious storage, a full set of modern appliances, a large and comfortable cooking zone. U-shape countertop is fabricated of Akrilika (A729 Ivory Melange).

Akrilika solid surface is durable, resistant to shocks, stains and scratches. Its non-porous and naturally hygienic surface does not absorb any dirt or moisture and does not support the growth of mold and bacteria.

The total length of the countertop exceeds 4 meters. Its parts are jointed with a special adhesive. After adhesive sets up, the surface is thoroughly sanded and the seams between parts become completely invisible. The same "invisible" joints connect the countertop and integrated sink. Backsplash of increased height protects the wooden wall from dirt, moisture and water drops.

Akrilika is easy to care and maintain, and even stubborn stains can be easily removed from its surface with a sponge and a household detergent.

Here you can find a complete overview of the project.

Video of the episode November 22, 2015 is available on Akrilika YouTube-channel.

Siberia and Russian Far East Training Seminars

On October 5th-9th Akrilika held a series of training seminars on the fabrication of solid surface countertop, that was attended by experts from Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and other cities in Siberia and the Far East Federal District. The total number of participants exceeded 120.

The workshop covering important topics, related to solid surface manufacturing, was accompanied by detailed step-by-step demonstration of fabrication process with the use of advanced Festool equipment.

The practical part of the training was coordinated by Eugene Truhan, a representative of “TTS” (the main representative of the Festool TM in Russia).

The theory base was led by Konstantin Kuznetsov, Akrilika CEO.

The organization and the level of knowledge gained during the training, has been praised by participants. Organization of continuous training process for fabricators is one of the important Akrilika’s activities. Roving seminars are being held regularly in different regions of Russia, as well as individual training on the basis of AFTC training center in Moscow.

Akrilika representatives and the delegation of Dongguan Meeting

The representatives of Akrilika attended the business forum «Promotion of Dongguan City», which was held in Moscow on September 22, 2015.

The meeting was organized within the visit of the Chinese delegation, headed by the Mayor of Dongguan Mr. Yuan Baocheng. The delegation also included business leaders and representatives of government, administration and industrial enterprises of Dongguan. On the Russian side the forum was attended by about 150 experts.

The main goal of this visit was an establishment of sustainable economic, trade and industrial relations between two cities, as well as cooperation in the field of industry and scientific research. Dongguan is a major manufacturing hub, housing more than 38 thousand of industrial enterprises.

The leading industries of the city are IT, manufacturing of electronics and communications equipment, machinery, textiles, footwear, food and paper industry, as well as the chemical industry, furniture, toys, stationery and sporting goods, packaging and typography. international companies with facilities in Dongguan include DuPont, Samsung Electronics, Nokia, Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Maersk.

NEW! Akrilika starts its own production of custom sinks

Solid surface countertop is a stylish and elegant accent in the interior of your kitchen. And when combined with the sink made of the same material, it turns into a real work of art!

For those looking for something special Akrilika now offers a collection of glued and thermoformed custom-made kitchen sinks, that can be fabricated of any Akrilika color*.

Kitchen sinks made of Akrilika demonstrate excellent environmental properties; they do not absorb dirt and moisture, and do not emit any harmful substances. They are easy to care** and are able to maintain its flawless appearance for years.

You can select one of 13 basic line models of Akrilika custom sinks (including square, rectangle, round, oval, single or double) or order a unique item in your own size. Akrilika workshop is focused on the combination of good price, fast lead times and high quality. The facility is equipped with modern tools, and our specialists are experienced professionals in solid surface fabrication.

The advantages of working with Akrilika are short lead time, 5-year limit warranty and a best price.

Solid surface sink is a unique offer and a high-value proposition for your consumers. Choose the best offer from Akrilika and share it with your clients!

* Akrilika Stone, Kristall and Design collections. Apietra can be fabricated only within mkG series.

** Sink care instructions you can find here

Interregional exhibition in Cheboksary

XXII Interregional Exhibition "Regions – Co-operation without Borders" took place in Cheboksary, Russian Federation, from 19 to 27 June 2015. The exhibition was timed to the state holiday of the Chuvash Republic - the Republic Day.

"The aim of the exhibition is to promote business and trade ties between the companies, to demonstrate the achievements and novelties in different sectors of activities of both Russian and foreign companies, and to promote the socio-economic potential of the Chuvash Republic" - noted on the official website of the event.

Akrilika exposure stand, placed in the "Interior and Furniture" section, had been attracting visitors with bright design and a variety of innovations. Stand design was carried out by the solid surface manufacturer "Travertina" in cooperation with Kazan representative office of Akrilika.

"The exposition demonstrates the numerous benefits of Akrilika solid surface, such as seamless joints, the ability to create a unique 3D forms, variety of textures and colors, workability, durability, and mechanical stress resistance," - said the representative of Akrilika holding A. Shimanskaya.

Apart from the main exhibition Akrilika exposure stand had displayed new exclusive colors in Design and Apietra collections.

Akrilika Launches Five New Colors of APIETRA

Five new colors in Apietra surfacing collection were presented at ARCH Moscow international exhibition.

All new tones in Apietra collection feature itself as a combination of exquisite beauty of natural material and excellent performance of modern innovative product.

The Apietra collection now includes Stellar Sky (M 646), Frost Line (M 647), Venato (M 648), Lion Gong (V 649) and Rose Cream (M 650). The color basis of new palette is formed in white, taupe, smoky gray, pale pink, soft beige, brown and black.

Note the new color M 647 (Frost Line) worthy of special mention. It is a neutral white with waving stains in off-whites and a scattering of shimmering flakes evenly penetrating the entire thickness of the material.

Although no two slabs of Apietra M 646-M 650 are the same in shadow and pattern, its spirit and tonality remain consistent.

Akrilika Design Translucent Colors

In 2014 Akrilika presented eight new designs that combine texture and pattern, imitating natural marble, with excellent translucency.

This new line of Akrilika Design™ solid surfacing distinguishes itself by the combination of marbleized surface reminiscent of natural stone, with translucency that allows using LED-backlight. The color basis of new mini-collection comes as a soft blend of white, cream, beige and brown (this color mix features seven of nine new designs). In addition to it come two colors in cool green and mint, ideal for bathroom decoration.

The new line of Akrilika Design™ collection include eight colors: Carnelian, Corall, Capella, Arabesko, Vega, Atlantida, Verde and Caribean Bay.

A product that combine an appearance of natural stone with translucency and other benefits of solid surface is a novelty that worth our interest. We used to see monocolors as translucent decors and now Akrilika invites us to try something new!

Akrilika at the ZOW-2012 International Expo

From November 19th to November 23d the superb ZOW-Furniture 2012 Exhibition had successfully taken place in Moscow and Akrilika Holding was directly involved in this show.

Our company’s booth was very popular among visitors and potential partners. Absolute and unique novelties of the Russian market were exhibited on the display:

Decorative Wall Panels Akrilika Deco – nine translucent relief designs which completely re-imagine solid surface. We demonstrated only a part of how and where it could be used.

The new illumination system for the panels and sinks made of solid surface - AkriLight brand.

The new trend in the market – bent–and-bonded acrylic sinks of various modifications and colors for kitchen countertops.

For getting detailed information on our novelties visit our website or Akrilika Holding offices.

Thank you for visiting our booth!

Chuck Sawyer, a legend in Moscow

At the invitation of Akrilika Holding the “guru” in the field of solid surface finishing Chuck Sawyer visited Moscow. Chuck Sawyer is a specialist in working with solid surface with 40 years experience. He is the member of ISFA – International Surface Fabricators Association. Chuck Sawyer was among the first who offered products made of solid surface soon after it had been invented in the USA in the 70s of the last century.

Chuck Sawyer conducted a course of open seminars, in the framework of which he presented ISFA activities to the audience, touched on such topics as nuances of finishing and selling solid surface products, work with acrylic surface, abrasive materials, aspects of special equipment operation, worldwide trends in the solid surface market. He shared his own best practice and techniques with the audience.

For your convenience

We do everything for your convenience. Now it is possible to make purchases by cash by means of teller terminal at the central office of Akrilika Holding. The terminal is situated next to Akrilika Holding office on the third floor of “Mebel Rossii” Furniture Mart.

Results of two exhibitions in Moscow

Two big exhibitions took place in Moscow in May 2012. Our Holding took part in both of them. From the 15th to the 19th of May Akrilika Holding had participated in the first-rate exhibition “Moscow International Furniture Salon”. The company’s booth was very popular among the visitors. Several unique novelties of the Russian market were exhibited on the display:

  • New solid surface Design collection imitating natural stone
  • Renewed premium-series of Kristall solid surface, including two new translucent colors
  • New ware-house program for Kristall series sinks
  • Decorative Wall Panels Akrilika Deco – nine translucent relief designs which completely re-imagine solid surface
  • New illumination system for the panels - AkriLight brand solutions


Soon after the first exhibition Akrilika Holding took part in the International Exhibition of designers and architects - “ARCH-MOSCOW”. It was for the first time in the history of our company. Akrilika’s booth had all the time attracted the attention of the visitors thank to extraordinary solid surface product – human-height ‘matrioshka’ illuminated from the inside. The product, specially made for the exhibition by our partner from Saint-Petersburg, visually demonstrated versatility and suppleness of the solid surface – the material which is more often used by architects and designers all over the world.

Новые оттенки в коллекции Акрилики

For the first time in the Russian market of the solid surface new ultramodern textures and colors are presented. The absolute novelties of 2012 are the renewed KRISTALL series and DESIGN collection from Akrilika Holding.

The creation of the unique colors became possible thank to the latest trends in the field of interior design and to the innovative production technologies.

As soon as DESIGN and KRISTALL series hit the market in February 2012, they immediately became ultra popular and they top sales records levels.

Some of the new colors from KRISTALL Collection are also referred to translucent colors and they allow infinitely realizing creative ideas, associated with inner illuminating. Using special technology of material’s finishing, it is also possible to gain a unique effect of ‘illuminated from within’ patterns, applied on the solid surface.

Six colors of DESIGN series imitate natural stone. Having all the advantages of solid surface (eco friendliness, “warmth”, ability to be restored, seamless bonding, flexibility) and imitating expensive natural marble, Design Collection became an ideal compromise for creating superb interiors both for private and commercial spaces.


Beauty and prestige, uniqueness and identity, safety and eco-friendliness at a reasonable price – all that are the new KRISTALL and DESIGN series from Akrilika Holding.

Akrilika Poland

Akrilika has launched a representative office in Wroclaw, Poland, intended to serve different European markets.

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