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Instructions for use of the solid surface counter tops

Solid surface products are hygienic, warm and pleasant to the touch, they have ideal ecological properties, they do not emit hazardous substances and they do not absorb any dirt or moisture.

It is not so difficult to keep them clean. The solid surface is easy to be restored but still there are certain instructions for use which are necessary to be followed:

1Do not expose the surface to the effect of such caustic substances as paint removers, turpentine, solvents, nail polish removers, oven and kitchen sinks cleansers. In case these substances get in touch with the surface of the counter top, clean it with water at once following relevant safety measures.

2Always use hot pads for frying pans, saucepans and electric heaters. If they are placed directly on the surface of the counter top they can damage the products’ appearance.

3Always use cutting boards and never cut directly on the working surface of the counter top. Despite the fact that small scratches can be removed, it is better to avoid scratching for preserving the product’s appearance.

4Do not stand on the counter top’s surface.

Types of impurity Means of cleaning various types of surfaces 
Matt  Semi-glossy  Glossy 
General impurity Use  soapy solutions or ammonia-based cleansers
Water lines Clean with wet cloth, wipe dry.
Obstinate stains Use abrasive cleansers with acids  Use cleansing paste or gel with bleaching effect and acids Use cleansing paste or gel with bleaching effect and soft sponge
Disinfection  From time to time wipe the surface with bleaching effect cleansers
Daily care Wipe with sponge Keep the gloss with non-abrasive polishers

Caution! Dark Colors

Dark materials demand more care for preserving the original look.

Put a flannel or another soft fabric under all objects that you place on the glossy counter tops. Avoid the objects’ sliding on the glossy top.

Use of Acrylic Sink

In order to keep the bright and fresh color of the sink clean it with liquid bleacher and water from time to time. Fill the ¼ of the sink with water, add some bleacher, wipe the unfilled part of the sink with this solution and leave it all for 15 minutes. Then rinse the sink. Regularly wash the inner part of the sink with a Scotch Brite sponge.


Always start the warm water before pouring out carefully boiling-hot water into the solid surface sink.

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