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Akrilika Stone® 12mm

Akrilika Stone® is a modern, hi-tech, multipurpose material. Its beauty, durability, ecological cleanness and easiness in finishing makes Akrilika Stone® ideal material for fabrication of kitchen counter-tops, sinks, bar and office counters, window sills and many other items.

Akrilika Stone® will take you to the world where dreams are gaining form, where the flight of your imagination is almost unlimited. Flexibility and versatility of the material allows transforming straight surfaces into smooth passages and circular bends, creating an item pleasant to the touch.

Interiors created from Akrilika Stone® are notable for luxurious appearance and exclusive style. Seamless joints of the item’s parts give it an impression of a single entity and add actualness and comfort.

In comparison with natural stone Akrilika Stone® is a non-porous material. This property prevents from mold formation on the items and makes this material ideal for application in kitchens and bathrooms.

In case of the surface damage it can be easily given back its original appearance.

Friendly price for the material in comparison with its analogs, as well as its high quality and wide color range is another criterion in favor of Akrilika Stone® choice.

Akrilika Poland

Akrilika has launched a representative office in Wroclaw, Poland, intended to serve different European markets.

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