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30mm Modified PE Surface

Akrilika Holding supplies its customers with modified polyester surface 30 mm in thickness.

The material’s obvious advantages are as follows:

  • High temperature conductivity (as against classic materials);
  • Increased strength in comparison with thinner surfaces.

Being high temperature conductive, this surface is an ideal solution for window sills fabrication. In distinction from classic materials (e.g. wood) this surface easily warms up and conducts radiator’s heat in cold seasons thus functioning as an air curtain and minimizing heat loss through the window.

Not a single company on the market promotes such a material, that’s why this offer is unique.

In addition, 30 mm PE Surface is suitable for production of smaller counter- tops because its usage makes the item’s fabrication much easier. In distinction with surfaces of smaller thicknesses (12.7, 6, 3 mm), 30mm surface is very processible: there’s no need to give volume to the item, bond its edges, glue it to the baseboard. In fact, only the item’s boarder needs finishing for the fabrication of a counter-top. As a result, fabrication procedure becomes much easier, error rate becomes lower, the production cost drops and the production speed grows.

30 mm PE Surface Collection consists of 10 colors. The material is supplied in sheets, 3050x760x30 mm in size.

Note that the 10-year warranty does not cover the materials made of modified polyester or modified acryl.

Akrilika Poland

Akrilika has launched a representative office in Wroclaw, Poland, intended to serve different European markets.

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