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Starting Tool Kit

All necessary tooling for solid surface fabrication

Circular saw

Straight-line solid surface sheet cut is made with a new plunge-cut saw FESTOOL TS 55 R. A unique unti-chipping system together with highly precise guide rail provide for a perfect cut quality.
Article Item    
561580-043 Circular saw with guide rail FS 1400/2 - TS 55 R EBQ-Plus-FS 230V, fastening clamps FSZ120 as a bonus!    
Accessory for TS 55 R EBQ
489570 Clamps FSZ 120/2    
496308 Special saw blade 160x2,2x20 TF48    
482107 Connecting piece, FSV    
491501 Guide rail FS 3000/2    
491500 Guide rail FS 5000/2    
493507 Dual suction pad, GECKO DOSH-SET    
489022 Deflector, FS-AW    
916001-069 Circular saw TS 55 R EBQ-Plus FS, "Composites". Consists of: Circular saw TS 55 EBQ (561426), Guide rail FS 1400 (491498), Guide rail FS3000 (491501), Dual suction pad GECKO (493507), Special saw blade (496308), Kickback stop (491582), Clamps (489570), Deflector (489022), Connecting pieces (482107). You save about 10%!    

Pendulum jigsaw

Curvilineal cuts (e.g. cuts for cooktops, sinks etc.) are made with pendulum jigsaw TRION PS 300 EQ-Plus and they are further processed with router OF 2200. Dual guide column provides for precise cuts at a selected angle.
Article Item    
561445 Pendulum jigsaw TRION in a SYSTAINER SYS 1 T-LOC PS 300 EQ-Plus    
486546 Jigsaw blade, S 75/4/5    
490121 Splinter guard, SP-PS 300/20    


Basic operations on routing and solid surface pre-bonding are fulfilled by powerful and precise router FESTOOL OF 2200EB. Profiled fascia is better to be processed by a lighter and ergonomical router FESTOOL OF1400 used as a supplementary router. It is recommended to use cutters with 12 mm shank end.
Article Item    
574392 Router OF 2200 EB-Set (full set)    
916001-036 Router OF 2200 EB-Plus+FS-OF 2200 (with guide rail adapter)    
574341 Router OF 1400 EBQ-Plus    
491120 Cutter, HW S12 D=21mm В=30mm WM    
492681 Cutter, HW R=3mm/D=22 ss S12    
492683 Cutter, HW R=6.35mm/D=28.8 ss S12    
492705 Cutter HW D=28, B=25, S12    
DIMAR Cutters (Israel)
106 00 99 Cutter, R=4.8mm, D=9.5mm    
114 40 69 Cutter, 12,7mm, S12    
107 20 49 Cutter, D=19mm, B=50mm, S12    
107 23 99 Cutter, D=28.6mm, B=38.1mm, S12    
109 00 49 Cutter, R=3.2mm S12    
109 01 09 Cutter, R=6.3mm S12    
109 01 69 Cutter, R=9.5mm S12    
159 00 39 Cutter, R=12.7mm S12    
112 01 09 Cutter, R=9.5 D=28.6 S12    
101 41 69 Cutter, D=19mm, B=25.4mm, S12    
101 41 49 Cutter, D=32mm, B=25.4mm, S12    
101 30 29 Cutter, D=19mm, B=50.8mm, S12    
113 01 09 Cutter, D=28.6mm В=16mm S12    
155 00 39 Cutter, HW D29/24 S12    
155 09 29 Cutter, HW D28.6 R8 B13.5, S12 (1 из 2)    
155 37 29 Cutter, HW D25,4/12,7 S12 (2 из 2)    
556 34 89 Cutter, D=34mm L=25mm A=75° HW S12 Z=2 n.max=16000    
556 35 19 Cutter, D=50mm L=25mm A=105° HW S12 Z=2    
TITMAN Cutters (Great Britain)
All Titman Cutters can be ordered on request. See special website Titman.ru

Geared eccentric sander

It is very useful to operate Geared eccentric sander FESTOOL ROTEX RO 150 FEQ for the major solid surface procession. With the help of RO 150 it is possible to fulfill preliminary and coarse sanding, polishing of high performance and quality (using changeable plates of various rigidity).
Article Item    
916001-076 Geared eccentric sander Rotex RO 150 FEQ-PLUS 230V, FastFix sanding hard pad and interface pad as a bonus!    
Accessory for RO 150 FEQ-PLUS
496977 Sanding discs Granat P80, 50 pcs STF D150/16 P80 GR/50X    
496590 Sanding discs Brilliant 2 P150, 100 pcs STF D150/16 P150 BR2/100    
496592 Sanding discs Brilliant 2 P220, 100 pcs STF D150/16 P220 BR2/100    
496594 Sanding discs Brilliant 2 P320, 100 pcs STF D150/16 P320 BR2/100    
496641 Sanding discs Titan 2 P400, 100 pcs STF D150/16 P400 TI2/100    
496642 Sanding discs Titan 2 P500, 100 pcs STF D150/16 P500 TI2/100    
496643 Sanding discs Titan 2 P800, 100 pcs STF D150/16 P800 TI2/100    
492370 Sanding discs Platin II S 1000, 15 pcs STF-D150/0-S1000-PLF/15    
492348 Sanding discs Titan II P 1200, 100 pcs STF-D150/8-P1200-TIW/100    
492349 Sanding discs Titan II P 1500, 100 pcs STF-D150/8-P1500-TIW/100    
492371 Sanding discs Platin II S 2000, 15 pcs STF-D150/0-S2000-PLF/15    
492372 Sanding discs Platin II S 4000, 15 pcs STF-D150/0-S4000-PLF/15    
496149 FastFix hard sanding pad MultiJetStream FastFix, ST-STF D150/17MJ-M8-H    
496144 FastFix ultra-soft sanding pad MultiJetStream FastFix, ST-STF D150/17MJ-M8-SW    
496647 Interface pad MultiJetStream, IP-STF D 150/17 MJ    
488348 Polishing hard felt, PF-STF-D150x20-H/5    
488347 Polishing soft felt, PF-STF-D150x20-W/5    
493838 Premium sheepskin pad, LF-STF D150    
492424 Sanding polishing agent, 0,5 l. MPA 6000/1    
493816 Fine sanding polishing agent, 0,5 l. MPA 8000/1    
493068 Microfibre cloth MPA-MICROFIBRE/3    

Geared eccentric sander

Geared eccentric sander FESTOOL ROTEX RO 90 DX FEQ-Plus is ideal for sanding in angles, corners and edges of sinks with FastFix sanding pad, Ø 90 mm (soft-HT) and StickFix sanding pad V93.
Article Item    
916001-075 Geared eccentric sander Rotex RO 90 DX FEQ-Plus, hard sanding pad and interface pad as a bonus!    
Accessory for RO 90 DX FEQ-Plus
495623 FastFix hard sanding pad FastFix 90 mm    
495625 FastFix polishing pad 75 mm    
488716 Hard sanding pad StickFix 93х93mm, 2 pcs SSH-STF-V93/6-H/2    
497481 Interface pad 90 mm    
497365 Sanding discs D=90mm Granat P 80, 50 pcs STF D90/6 P 80 GR /50    
497383 Sanding discs D=90mm Brilliant 2 P120, 100 pcs STF D90 P120 BR2/100    
497385 Sanding discs D=90mm Brilliant 2 P180, 100 pcs STF D90 P180 BR2/100    
497387 Sanding discs D=90mm Brilliant 2 P240, 100 pcs STF D90 P240 BR2/100    
497388 Sanding discs D=90mm Brilliant 2 P320, 100 pcs STF D90 P320 BR2/100    
497389 Sanding discs D=90mm Brilliant 2 P400, 100 pcs STF D90 P400 BR2/100    
493870 Polishing sponge, fine (honeycombed) 80mm, 5 pcs    
488339 Polishing felt, hard 80mm, 5 pcs    
490247 Sheepskin pad D=80mm, 5 pcs    

Triangle sander

Triangle sander FESTOOL DELTEX DX 93 E with changeable triangle plate is aimed at sanding awkward areas and corners without acrylic sinks sanding.
Article Item    
567722 Triangle sander Deltex DX 93 E    
Accessory for DX 93 E
492888 Sandpaper Brilliant2 P 150, 100 pcs STF-V93/6-P150-BR2/100    
492890 Sandpaper Brilliant2 P 220, 100 pcs STF-V93/6-P220-BR2/100    
492892 Sandpaper Brilliant2 P 320, 100 pcs STF-V93/6-P320-BR2/100    
492893 Sandpaper Brilliant2 P 400, 100 pcs STF-V93/6-P400-BR2/100    
488716 Sanding pad StickFix, hard, 2 pcs SSH-STF-V93/6-H/2    

Dust extractors

Mobile dust extractor FESTOOL CT 36 E is used for chip disposal after sanding . It can be used with two tools at the same time. This facility is also useful for the operating with a pneumatic tool. Mobile dust extractor CT MINI is used with sanders and for assembly work.

Article Item    
916001-079 Mobile dust extractor CTL 36 E 230V, Standard cleaning set as a bonus!    
496186 SELFCLEAN filter bag, 5 pcs SC-FIS-CT 36/5    
452898 Y-piece, antistatic D50 SV-AS/D50 V    
452878 Suction hose D=27 antistatic 27x3,5m-AS    
916001-077 Mobile dust extractor CTL MINI, Standard cleaning set as a bonus!    
498410 SELFCLEAN filter bag, 5 pcs FIS-CT MINI 5x    

Additional tooling

For supplementary work on solid surface finishing and backing layer fabrication as well as on assembly work the following tools are necessary:
Article Item    
561283 Sliding compound mitre saw KAPEX KS 120 EB    
VIRUTEX tools (Spain)
1700200 FR217S Corner router    
1700700 FRE317S Universal router 1800 W    
1745838 UF317S Guide rail for FRE317S router    
1746246 UC317S Template for FRE317S    


BESSEY TPN10BE clamps are suitable for the sides and wall baseboard bonding and for anti-overflow formation. For backing layer bonding to the countertop use BESSEY TPN20B8BE и TPN30BE clamps. Vacuum BESSEY PS55 clamps and EZ30-8 gun-type clamps for one-hand work are used for bonding countertop’s pieces.
Article Item    
TPN10BE Clamp 100/50    
TPN20B8BE Clamp 200/80    
TPN30BE Clamp 300/140    
TP150S12BE Clamp 1500/120    
PS 55 Vacuum clamps for solid surface joint    
EZS30-8 One-hand clamp 300*80mm    

Hot air gun

For the thermoforming the pieces of small section (e.g. 40 mm edge) STEINEL HG 2310 LCD heat gun is used. More powerful STEINEL HG 5000E heat gun for heating workpieces of up to 250 mm width is needed. But for heating the pieces of large flat area it is required to use stationary equipment for thermoforming on request.
Article Item    
350116 Hot air gun STEINEL HG 5000E 3,4 kW    
348311 Hot air gun STEINEL HG 2310 LCD 2,3 kW with LCS screen    

Hot-melt glue applicator 

Hot air gun and hot melt adhesive STEINEL Gluematic 5000 is used for some technological operations: fixing a workpiece of a small section for its further routing, fixing beacons and stoppers, etc.
Article Item    
332754/332716 Hot-glue applicator STEINEL Gluematic 5000 in case/without case    
PRO+ Hot glue sticks, 1 kg    
A compressor is a must for cooling the tools, the products and the working place.

Measuring tools

Measuring instruments are necessary for measurement and assembly:
  • Tape ruler 5 m – 1 pc
  • Metal ruler 1 m – 1 pc
  • Metal ruler 150 mm – 2 pcs
  • Level 0,6 m and 2 m – one each
  • Triangle 100 mm – 1 pc
  • Triangle 600 х 400 mm – 1 pc


Akrilika Poland

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